Discomfort around needles may be normal, but for some, this discomfort develops into a fear or phobia that can affect both children and adults alike. The level of fear is different from person to person and can be so great that medical appointments will be avoided, dental appointments will be ‘forgotten’, and even vital treatments may be refused because of the fear of needles.

Hypnosis can help to remove your unconscious emotional response both quickly and easily enabling you to remain comfortable and at ease in future situations.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and can help you to live your life without this overwhelming fear.

If you would like further information on how I can help you to overcome your fear of needles, then get in contact with me by completing the get in touch form at: https://www.emwellbeing.org/hypnotherapy-in-leicester/ or email emma@emwellbeing.org, alternatively you can call on 07388 540493.