After several very challenging events I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and found I was struggling to get to sleep at night. Over several years, I tried counselling sessions and also CBT but found the benefits of these were short-lived and the hopeless feelings of not having a purpose and everything being pointless kept returning.

When I first met Emma she immediately put me at ease and for once we didn’t talk about all the horrible things that had happened to me previously. Instead she explained the principles, set some goals and all of our sessions have been totally focussed on the positives.

I have also found the sessions deeply relaxing and pleasant! I saw the benefit after my first session but more so as our sessions went on. I am feeling so much more positive about things to do now and have made some key changes to the way I approach challenges as a result of my sessions with Emma. More surprisingly after several years of lack of sleep I have started to get a good nights sleep again. I would highly recommend Emma.