“Having spent many years receiving various treatments for anxiety and depression, all of which had short-term results, I was sceptical as to whether hypnotherapy would be any different for me. I didn’t believe there was much more that could be done to help me overcome past traumas, or improve the constant state of anxiety that I was experiencing.

When I first met Emma, I instantly felt relaxed and at ease talking to her about my life and the issues I was experiencing. At the start of my journey with Emma, I felt low, anxious and exhausted most days. But over the coming weeks, Emma taught me so much about myself and has given me the tools to to deal with feelings, thoughts and situations in a completely new way. I have now got the confidence and self-belief to move forward with things I have been avoiding for years and I am definitely a “half glass full” person now!

Emma is professional, knowledgable and has influenced my life in such a positive way. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma.”