group hypnosis

Group hypnotherapy

Being part of a group not only gives you a sense of community of like-minded individuals, it also enables you to share experiences and understandings knowing that you are not alone.

Understanding how the brain works, how we can suffer in the way that we do and what we can do about it is paramount to leading a confident, happy and successful life.

Each session we will cover aspects of brain revision to help you to recognise how and why you behave and suffer in the way that you do and what you can do to overcome these matters. Visualising your goal to ensure that you focus on making changes that are beneficial for you, ensuring you have the knowledge to create these changes and put them into place.

Being part of a community in this way gives you a focussed time for yourself that you perhaps wouldn’t have made otherwise, enabling you with the tools to become a better version of you.

Group sessions are booked in blocks.