hypnosis therapy

One-to-one hypnotherapy

We are all unique with our feelings, experiences and levels of resilience. One to one sessions’ enable me to personalise a strategy that is tailored for you, to help you not only today, but also for the future.

Working together on a one-to-one basis, we can explore what you would like to achieve as we collaborate. I can help you to understand how the brain can create anxiety, stress, negative thoughts and form patterns of behaviour so we can ascertain what can be done to overcome these issues to stop you from struggling in the way that you do.

Each session we will discuss and explore the previous week and review aspects about how the brain relates to your experiences so we can establish how we can focus on solutions and new ideas, taking small steps to ensure that you are moving closer to your goal.

Together we can enable you to create new neural pathways to change how you think, react and behave, focussing on solutions and goals to give you a calm, content and happier way of life.