I was at a total loss of how to feel better. I wasn’t sleeping, felt like the walking dead and no energy or enthusiasm to do anything other than what HAD to be done.

I was referred to Emma Jane at such a low point and had no expectations of what it would be like but if someone told me to eat coal I would have done anything to feel better as I had been clutching at anything that may help.

Emma Jane was a breath of fresh air, I felt very safe and comfortable opening up my heart and head to her without any fear of judgment. I felt she totally understood my situation.

Over the weeks of treatment, I began to see small changes which then empowered me to do more and I felt better. Then the more sessions I had and the “homework”, the weight lifted and I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have now reached the end of that tunnel and aware of how to keep myself strong and empowered so I never end up where I was a few months ago. It has been an amazing experience and turned my whole life around, not just my sleep! I have been recommending Emma Jane to my own patients who find themselves in places where they are stuck.

If you are feeling lost and don’t know where to turn… take a leap and let Emma Jane guide you to a better place and find the strong and powerful person you have lost.

Keep up the fantastic work Emma Jane.